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Fields Farms Free-Ranges its Chickens for Healthier, Tastier Eggs!

There is nothing like a Fields Farms morning with roosters crowing and hens spread across the fields as the sun rises. I began free-ranging my Buckeye and Dominique flocks in March. The chickens love it, of course, and are much happier and healthier hunting bugs and other tasty morsels, enjoying the fresh air and soaking in the sunshine all day long. Michigan law, in fact, requires that all egg-laying hens in Michigan be kept in cage-free systems and prohibits the sale of non-cage-free eggs by December 2024.

There are many definitions of free-ranging (sometimes referred to as pasturing) but this is what I do: the chickens are released from the coop at dawn and roam the farm without fences (but with plenty of predator deterrents like reflective tape and Waffles, the varmint hunter) until the sun starts to sink in the west at night (about 7:00 pm). I then tuck the kids into their predator-proof coop for the night. (Note that my hens still lay their eggs in nesting boxes.) But what does free-ranging mean for you?

Healthier, tastier and more nutritious eggs! Free-range eggs are higher in Vitamins such as Vitamin A (which supports your eye sight and immune system) and Vitamin D (which supports your bone development) than eggs from conventionally-raised chickens. They are also higher in omega-3 fatty acids (which can help prevent illnesses and diseases such as heart disease and cancer,) higher in protein and lower in cholesterol. Those who eat free-range eggs also say they simply taste better especially due to their richer, more vibrant yokes.

So what are you waiting for? The girls at Fields Farms lay around six dozen free-range eggs a day so get yours now for only $3.99!



Columbiaville, Michigan

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